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About Me

“robinteractive” ?

Interactivity involves multi-direction communication. Some would say two-way, but communication certainly isn’t limited to two-way.

Many think of the Web as interactive. My thoughts:
– Web communication can be, but isn’t always, interactive.

– Interactivity definitely isn’t limited to the Web. An ancient form of communication, face-to-face, is typically interactive. (Sadly, it isn’t always so.)

– Even print communication can be interactive, and should be interactive more often than it is.

My Background

I work in higher ed. Recruitment marketing + technology. E-mail marketing rocks.  Social media, too, though it tends to get over-hyped. And don’t forget the power of print done well!

I started out as an -in-the-trenches territory recruiter in higher ed (corporate world equivalent: sales rep) in the 1990s, and that background has certainly influenced my views on marketing.

I quickly latched on to print publications and letters as the items that drove much of the college recruiting process (i.e. sales process), with touchpoints from the top of the funnel through the bottom. I pushed for revisions to (and hands-on overhauled and wrote) our viewbooks, letters, postcards, “mass” e-mails, etc., based on my in-the-trenches experiences. This was while still working as an in-the-trenches recruiter, providing great opportunity to directly receive feedback from the recipients of these publication efforts.

Quite bluntly, I’ve seen pretty, even award-winning, marketing pieces that fail in fundamental, though non-obvious, ways. I’ve never (yes, never) seen college marketing materials that couldn’t be improved, print, electronic, or otherwise. Don’t believe me? Drop me a line. (Hint: Remember what is important to your audience. Sometimes that means providing them info they wouldn’t even realize they are missing.)

Using technology to complement marketing was an early interest of mine, and I adopted tools such as “mass” e-mail marketing, instant messenger, and even admitted student groups (in the early days by way of e-mail listservs) by the late 1990s. The specifics change over time (Facebook instead of e-mail listservs, etc.), but the concepts and approaches do not.

I have also worked full-time outside of higher ed. I spent about two years as a writer/publications specialist for a large health care system.

Personal branding without a full name…

Why not? The idea of building a personal brand, network of professional colleagues, getting referenced in the social media world, etc., all without revealing my full name and employer affiliation makes me smile. It is also a great way to test out interactive marketing 🙂

In addition, many marketing materials for my employer go out under my real name. The idea of personal attention in marketing (even when done on large scales) is important to me, and is a key element in interactivity. I prefer that a Web search of my name doesn’t expose the man behind the curtain.

The intersections of the Web, conversation, and privacy have fascinated me for years. I’ve personally built, and continue to add to and refine, a social media monitoring dashboard for my employer. I also have a strong interest in the Web in relation to exposure of individual information.  (In one of my blog posts I talked about what an e-mail address can reveal, just one of many examples.)

Knowing from these experiences how deeply online activity is discoverable is truly eye-opening. With some quick demos I’ve shocked even those who already assume this. Having both a full-name and non-full-name presence on the Web have provided good test tools for refining this social media dashboard and testing out related technologies.


My professional focus and workday is for my own employer. I’m valued as an employee and treated well. I know who butters my bread.

That said, I have a passion for marketing (recruitment marketing and otherwise), e-mail, social media, and the Web, and enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills.

I do consider consulting opportunities when the fit is right and my skillset is a good match. I don’t sell snake oil. Send an inquiry my way.

Contact Info

You can reach me at

You can also follow me on Twitter: @robinteractive

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